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  • by imatthews
  • onSeptember 2, 2019

Electric Cadillac Timeline – Part 2 – 2019 to the Future

How Cadillac EV’s Got To 2019 In part 1 of our Electric Cadillac Timeline, we see that Cadillac has tried to monetize EV’s for General motors in the past with the gorgeous Cadillac ELR and tech showboat the CT6.  In both cases, the product just did not sell because of: high Cadillac prices low gasoline […]

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Electric Cadillac Timeline – Part 1 – Ancient History, the Volt, ELR & CT6

Cadillac’s Electrification History: 1912 – Cadillac was the first company to mass produce a car with an electric starter “Indeed, until Charles Kettering invented the electric starter you could die starting a car. In early 1908, a woman stalled her Cadillac in Detroit, Michigan. She did not have enough strength to crank the engine to […]

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