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  • onDecember 15, 2019

Why Someone that Hated The Telsa CyberTruck Might Buy One

Let me be unequivocal, I have been repulsed by the Cybertruck.  I currently drive the very angular Cadillac ELR an love how different it looks from other vehicles, but the Tesla Cybertruck’s minimalist form was just a bridge to far for me.

2014 Cadillac ELR Plugged inI want luxury, but demand that function trumps form.  That is an ELR.  My ELR is the best looking vehicle EVER mass produced, but has the function:

  1. a perfect condition 2016 ELR with 30,000 miles on it will cost about USD$35,000
  2. I drive from March to October on just 30 liters of gas
  3. I can drive anywhere on the globe on gasoline if I have too
  4. there are Cadillac dealers, in the unlikely event I need service, everywhere
  5. I have a near bumper to bumper warranty as a Cadillac Certified Used vehicle through 2022!

That is function and only those who do not appreciate art, cannot see its beautiful form.

Ok, enough gushing on the Cadillac ELR; this article is supposed to be about the Cybertruck.

I have two friends who know I love new technology and cars but just can’t understand my revulsion to the Cybertruck and keep pecking away at me with its impressive facts and figures.  I have held steady with a ‘that thing is offensive to humanity’ stance… until today when I received this from one of them:

…You are a tech guy and this is a deep dive into the design of the Cybertruck. There will be nothing even remotely close to competitive with the Cybertruck. In two years when the Cybertruck enters the market it will make 4x zero sense for a truck guy to buy a non-Cybertruck.  The only way that competitors will have chance is to reverse engineer and copy the Cybertruck.  Competitors will still be way behind on battery technology.

A Logical Analysis of the Tesla Cybertruck

Absolutely essential to decarbonize the transportation sector. To avoid frying the planet, 50% of vehicles on the world’s roads must be zero emissions (very likely entirely EVs) by 2040. This is why the cybertruck is so damn important. Truck guys could care less about emissions. But fossil trucks will not be competitive with the cybertruck based on cost, performance, utility, safety or any other measurable. The cybertruck will dominate the market and will be an important contributor to the end of the fossil vehicle era.

Telsa Cybertruck and Star Trek Movie Bald Women Persis KhambattaThe disruptive cost-effective brilliance of the design makes the cybertruck a thing of beauty.

This vehicle’s function is so compelling it makes you rethink previous assumptions.  The Tesla Cybertruck might just be like the bald women from the first Star Trek movie.  At first you are taken back by the look and her odd function in the movie, but by the end you would just love to spend a lot of time with her.

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