• by Brynn Matthews
  • onDecember 5, 2019

Take My Money Elon! A Love Letter to The Tesla Cybertruck

Dodge RAM 1500We have a good friend born and raised in Europe, now living in Western Canada and all he wants is the biggest baddest truck with the largest engine possible.  A smokey, noisy, angry truck.  To that end, he bought a RAM 1500 with the big 8 cylinder Hemi engine.  But that wasn’t growly enough so he immediately replaced the brand new factory muffler with an after market (GReddy or FlowMaster I believe) to make it sound even nastier.

He has poked endless fun at our electric cars for years.  Efficient and green is not what a boy from restrained Europe wants… until last week:

Telsa Cybertuck -side lights onI put my 100 bucks down because I think it’s genius! For the first time since the creation of the automobile in 1885, a car manufacturer has released a product that makes everybody talk about it. A weird, crazy design with technology never seen before. Great, take my money!

The world has changed dramatically and the car industry has involved. Tesla has created something new. It seems like car enthusiast are acting like some were in 1885, a car that looks like that!? Yes it’s bold and fantastic:

  • No, it doesn’t have a logo on the front (Jeep Wranger anybody)
  • Yes, there are no side mirrors (like the first time Elon showed the Model X). Tesla is working with the US Government to no longer require side mirrors, as long as a camera is present. It might take a few more years, but at least it’s worked on.
  • Tires?, who cares. They look aftermarket and if Tesla for some reason is not allowed to ship them, I’m sure an aftermarket company will. Look at the Wrangler, everybody bought aftermarket bigger wheels, so now Jeep offers them from factory.

Dodge RAM Promaster Cargo VanTesla is up there with the world leaders in safely, pedestrian safety, crash detection and so forth. You could argue that the Cybertruck front doesn’t seem safe enough to be produced; however I think it bares similarity with the Ram Promaster cargo van. And that is road legal.

Stainless steel; a Delorean truck? Take my money.

I believe Tesla has lots of experience with its Space X program and learned a lot about the capabilities of the cold rolled material. Smart; Tesla is going to save tons, (I mean millions) on the stamping of all body parts. Less complicated tooling, machinery will save time and money. Good thing they are the first with this body design, they probably get away with it. Anybody who is going to make a stealth looking car, or anything even with this design will be “stealing” Tesla’s design. Very clever in my opinion.

Telsa Cybertruck HellcatSo that’s money saved on body panels. (And no subframe is needed). Then the paint; I’m sure they will offer paint, it it will be at a large cost. Just like Tesla charges today. An article I’ve read last week estimates a 200 million dollar saving on a paint shop for the Cybertruck. Great. I’ll have one “unpainted” and like your video, wrap it any way I like. What a brilliant move from a manufacturer standpoint, to save money and the environment. Mind you the first Ford Model T was only produced in black for the first few years to help production and cost.

Telsa Model X UnveilingThe technology in the Cybertruck will change. It has to; it’s two years from production. The steering wheel and stalks might look different for the production model, but that doesn’t mean this weird shape could be a an optional extra. Even the model X was a little restyled after its unveiling!

Soon Elon will have another presentation about new technology in batteries and new faster chargers. Great!

Some people thought that the idea of re-using a rocket and landing it on a ship was crazy, and here it is. I strongly believe that this design will catch on and it will be a high volume thing.

Yes, I wasn’t the biggest electric fan at first. Especially the range just does not make sense for Calgary. But now, Tesla will make a product that will work everywhere, at a price lots more people can afford. And that’s a huge step.

Telsa Cybertruck 2021 Interior Specs and PictureI see a truck that fits most truck use that I need, a car that holds 6 people in comfort, has the range of a normal gas powered truck and is as fast as the Ferrari’s of my youth. It looks unique and it makes the Big 3 truck makers look a bit silly. If it all works out and I am able to purchase one, at least I have my spot reserved in line.

So I’m getting a super cool truck, as fast as a Lamborghini, and it’s looks exactly like I drew it myself when I was little.

That is what 5 year old Jeroen dreamed about. Take my money Elon!

There are surely many compelling features about the Tesla Cybertruck but the exterior design is just too cold for us.  I have apparently made a mistake in thinking that its barren design was so polarizing it was possible the Cybertruck may never even be produced.

Tesla Cybertruck light truck comparisonYet again Elon Musk has fooled many of us.  On November 27th he announced that pre-orders had crossed the quarter million mark.  While, as expected, the rate of new pre-orders has declined from its first few days, there is little doubt that Tesla will have 400,000 preorders by the time they go into production in 2021.  That is an astonishing feat.

In the world of constant scientific break-thoughs, Donald Trump, virtual reality and Brexit, where nothing is a surprise, Elon’s Cybertruck has truly shocked us.


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