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More than 40 Electric Vehicles Coming by 2021 You Can Afford

Like you we are overwhelmed with media events and press releases about new full electric and plug in hybrid (PHEV) vehicles. GM, for instance, has announced that they will offer more than 20 electrified vehicles by 2023 but details are slim.  We want, names, prices, photo’s, and release dates.

To clear this mess up we decided to make a list of every:

  • nearly production ready electrified car, truck, crossover and SUV
  • that has been shown to real people
  • and is under $90,000

To be accurate, when you look through the list you will see a small number of exceptions to these filters.  For instance:

  • everyone (just a slight exaggeration) wants to know about the $260,000 Telsa roadster
  • Fisker may go bankrupt again before they release product
  • the Mercedes EQS will likely cost USD $125,000 but it is going to be awesome

Really what we wanted to do with this list is show all the electrified cars and trucks that real people might buy in the very near future.  Eliminating hyper cars, custom production units and vehicles that are vapor-ware was our goal.

However, we think at least 40 of the 51 EV / PHEV’s below are are the practical-ish vehicles you will see on the road in the next year or two that have not already been released to both Europe and Canada / United States.

Expected Model Year Vehicle Type Hybrid or Full Electric Comment
1 Audi eTron GT 2021 Sedan Full
2 Audi eTron Q2 2021 SUV Full related to Porche Tycan
3 Audi eTron Q4 2022 SUV Full
4 Aston Martin Rapide E 2020 Sedan Full expected to be high volume
5 Bollinger B1 & B2 2021 Pickup Full
6 Byton K-Byte & M-Byte 2021 SUV Full Chinese but serious
7 BMW i4 2021 Sedan Full 0 to 60 in 4 seconds
8 BMW iX3 2021 SUV Full 270 horsepower
9 Chevrolet Unnamed 2021 Pickup Both Confirmed but not named
10 Cadillac Unnamed SUV 2021 SUV Full Gorgeous
11 Chrysler Portal Minivan 2021 Minivan Full Made in Canada
12 Faraday Future FF91 2021 Sedan Full Keeps being delayed
13 Fiat 500e 2019 Sedan Full On sale in US now
14 Fisker SUV 2022 SUV Full Likely to actually see production
15 Fisker eMotion 2021 Sedan Full Think Model S
16 Ford Escape 2021 SUV Plugin
17 Ford Explorer 2020 SUV Plugin Already sold initial 200,000 to police
18 Ford F150e 2021 Pickup Both
19 Ford Mustang Mach e 2021 SUV Full $40-$65,000
20 Honda e Urban 2021 Sedan Full Very Japanese
21 Jeep Wrangler 2020 SUV Hybrid On sale any week now
22 Kia Soul EV 2020 SUV Full On sale any week now
23 Lincoln Aviator 2020 SUV Hybrid On sale any week now
24 Lincoln Corsair 2020 SUV Hybrid On sale any week now
25 Lordstown LMC Workhorse 2021 Pickup Full Bought GM Factory in Nov 2019
26 Mazda e-TPV CX3 2021 Cross Full E-TPV will not be production name
27 Mercedes EQA 2021 Sedan Full EU First then Canada / US?
28 Mercedes EQC 2020 SUV Full On sale any week now
29 Mercedes EQS 2022 Sedan Full S Class variant
30 Mini Cooper SE 2020 Sedan Full On sale any week now
31 Nissan SUV – Ariya 2021 SUV Full Name will likely change for production
32 Nissan iMx 2021 Cross Full Nice prototype
33 Peugeot e 208 2020 Sedan Full EU only
34 Porche Macan EV 2021 SUV Full Fall 2020
35 Porche Mission E 2021 Sports Full
36 Porche Taycan 2021 Cross Full
37 Rivian R1S R1T 2021 SUV Full 4 Wheel Steering allows Tank Turns
38 Seat el-Born 2020 Sedan Full Named after trendy part of Bacelona
39 Seat Mii Electric 2020 Sedan Full Gas model is ending production
40 Skoda Citgo 2020 Sedan Full tiny
41 Subaru Crosstrek Plugin 2020 SUV Hybrid I like it
42 Tesla Cybertruck 2022 Pickup Full Stainless steel body is polarizing
43 Tesla Model Y 2021 SUV Full Slighly taller Model 3
44 Tesla Roadster 2021 Sports Full Beautiful but USD $260,000
45 Toyota RAV4 Plugin 2021 SUV Hybrid Summer 2020
46 Vauxhall Corsa-e 2020 Sedan Full ‘supermini’ in Europe only
47 Volkswagen ID Crozz 2021 Cross Full Very Mazda looking
48 Volkswagen ID Buzz 2022 Minivan Full Retro look will attract many
49 Volkswagen ID 3 2020 Sedan Full Like a large Golf
50 Volvo Polestar 2 2020 Sedan Full On sale any week now
51 Volvo XC40 EV 2021 Cross Full

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