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  • by imatthews
  • onFebruary 23, 2020

Passive Aggressive About Tesla: What Might Go Wrong?

I have a relative that is quite literally the biggest Tesla fanboy I have ever conversed with.  He correctly points to how far ahead Tesla is on battery technology and how the big manufacturers like GM, Mercedes, BMW, and FCA have just let him take the market. Simply pointing out that Tesla, like all companies, […]

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  • by imatthews
  • onFebruary 17, 2020

Top 10 New Electric Vehicles Available in 2020

In a recent article we detailed More than 40 Electric Vehicles Coming by 2021 You Can Afford, but that list includes vehicles you won’t see for more than a year and some vehicles that are unlikely to be sold in volume.  So we updated and filtered that list to the top ten PHEV’s and EV’s […]

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  • by Brynn Matthews
  • onJanuary 18, 2020
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Still Want To Bet Against Elon?

Between October 2019 and January 2020 Telsa’s stock price has doubled.  It is now worth more than Ford and GM combined.  That meteoric rise has lead to many skeptics to point to the stock and scream BUBBLE! Very few analysts do 5 and 10 year projections. A year ago, I would read Tesla valuations that […]

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